Posted by: tonywilburn | February 18, 2010

VMware View’s Secret Ingredient

Last week I was in Vegas with around two thousand other partners for VMware’s Partners Exchange.  Quite a bit of the talk there was centered around VMware View.  At one point I looked at my session list and thought I was at a View conference.  One of these sessions was a lab that was billed as a View install and config lab, but was actually changed to a View 4.x preview.  I use 4.x because VMware has yet to commit to a version number, even though most of the world is already calling it 4.5.  All of this View bombardment got me to thinking about the way I view View.  When I talk to people about the advantages of View, the talk invariably turns to things like security, high availability, cost and ROI.  What ultimately gets lost is the secret ingredient, ThinApp.  Well, VMware is changing that, ThinApp is a secret no more.  The timing couldn’t be better.  Not just for VMware, who is looking for an edge to keep them at the head of the virtualization pack, but also for the customer.  Gone are the days of five or ten applications.  I have seen and heard cases of two to four hundred applications.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could put out a desktop that had zero applications?  How easy would that be to maintain?  How small of a footprint would that be?  How easy would it be to manage that single image?  But how would the end user do their job?  That’s where ThinApp comes in.  So many of today’s administrators are having to deal with applications that are changing too fast or not changing at all.  How do you deal with two applications when one only works with Internet Explorer 6 and the other only works with Internet Explorer 8?  Or what happens when you need two or more versions of Java running at the same time?  Even worse, what if you have moved to Windows 7 and your application only runs on Windows XP?  ThinApp takes care of that by separating the application from the operating system.  Even better, it will let you publish applications to groups of people.  Need everyone in accounting to get this new application ASAP?  There’s a ThinApp for that (sorry, couldn’t resist).  This is such a powerful tool that you have to experience it to appreciate it.  VMware must think this as well.  VMware wants you to see View and ThinApp and they are bringing it to you with VMware Express.  They are also giving away ThinApp with your purchase of vSphere to enable you to try it out yourself.  VMware is banking on the fact that once you see it, you will have to have it.  Yes, ThinApp is a secret no more.



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