Posted by: tonywilburn | April 20, 2010

Setting MPIO with NetApp Virtual Storage Console (VSC)

Recently I discovered the NetApp Virtual Storage Console (VSC) with vSphere.  I really like the way it sets the MPIO for my VMFS LUNs.  I had trouble finding step by step documentation on setting this up, so I put together my own guide.

NOTE:  This must be done for every Initiator Group on each SAN Controller.

Launch NetApp System Manager.  Choose LUNs in the left pane.  Choose the Initiator Groups tab in the right pane.  Click on Edit and Check the box to enable ALUA.

Log on to the vCenter Server.  Copy the latest NetApp VSC to the vCenter Server.  Launch the executable.  Setup is an easy and straight forward wizard.  I won’t go into the details of it here.  Once the VSC is installed you will be prompted to register it.

Launch vCenter Client from a workstation.  You will receive a security warning when logging into vCenter Client.  Check the Install box and click Ignore.

You will now have a NetApp tab.  Choose the NetApp tab to access the plugin.

The plugin will begin to discover your network components.

You will need to provide the credentials to log in to your controller.

NetApp will show a summary of your SAN.  Click Finish.

If the MPIO settings show alert you will need to let NetApp adjust the settings.

Right click on the host and click on Set Recommended Values.

Only the MPIO settings are necessary, but I leave all the boxes checked, just to get Green lights on all the settings.

The Status will now show Pending Reboot.

Reboot the vSphere host.  After the host is running again Update the status.

After the update the MPIO should show normal.  If the Status still shows alert, I find that if you wait a couple of hours, it will turn to green.  Not sure why there is a delay in the status update.

The Multipath settings should now show Round Robin, with two paths active.

That’s it.  Just do this for every vSphere host that you have and you will have 2 active paths for every LUN.  Much better than using defaults or changing the settings for every LUN on every host.


  1. Tony –

    We’re going through the very same VSC discovery this week – Im pretty impressed with NetApps plug ins… You’re using SMVI 2.0 as well?

    • Chrys, the client decided not to go with SMVI. They didn’t feel it gave them enough bang for the buck.

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