Posted by: tonywilburn | August 30, 2012

VMworld 2012 – Days 2 and 3

In thinking about my post from yesterday, I think I may have come across as too hard on the vendors in the Solutions Exchange.  That wasn’t my intent.  There are some very good vendors, really a lot of good vendors on the floor.  I had a great talk with the guys at HP, and got a very insightful Veeam demonstration from @RickVanover.  My point was I don’t like to be accosted for a badge scan to get spammed, even if you are “scanning for charity”. 

Moving on.  Seeing Steve Herrod on the drums was kind of funny.  So were some of the demos.  A good demo of desktop virtualization moving a laptop to Windows 7 then moving the image to a tablet and then a Mac was interesting and very entertaining.  Two great lines came from that, one after the upgrade two Windows 7.  “Welcome to 2009!”.  The other was “BYOD or as I like to call it, SYOM.”  “Spend your own money.”  That has to be compelling to CFOs, having the users pay for their own end points.  But has to be a nightmare for Desktop Admins.  I think it is coming though, even though VMware, by their own admission, has been trying to get the virtual desktop right for 5 years now.

The end of the General Session, was a 4 minute challenege for the top partners.  @Sakacc of course took more than the allotted time and while he had a very good presentation, the day belonged to NetApp.

I spent most of the second day and the third day in sessions and I have to say the sessions seem better than ever this year.  Alan and Luc had a great PowerCli session, and I got more info on virtualizing Oracle than ever before.

Of course the VMware party ended tonight’s festivities.  Bon Jovi put on a very good show.  He has become one of those acts that gets better with age.



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