About Me

Welcome to my virtualization blog.  Hopefully you will find something of interest here.  My goal is to give both you and I a reference for all things virtual.  Along the way I will also post my opinions for discussion.

About the title:  Virtualizing the D.C. has two meanings for me, the first, as you can probably discern from the Jefferson Memorial, is my work doing virtual implementations in Washington D.C.  The second, meaning, is of course, virtualizing the data center.  I’ll be talking about more than just virtualizing data centers, however.  One of my passions is virtualizing desktops.

About me:  I’ve been working in the IT industry for about 19 years now.  I started as a computer operator, moved up to a PC tech and then worked in various jobs as an administrator and systems engineer.  I’ve used VMware’s Workstation since around 2000.  A few years ago I stumbled on VMware’s ESX.  My colleagues and I designed an early VDI implementation that received some  publicity in some online magazines and was a runner-up for a Computer World award.  I enjoyed this project so much that I took a position as a virtualization consultant.

Currently I work for ActioNet, Inc. as a Sr Systems Architect but the opinions presented here are mine and mine alone.  ActioNet does not review, pre-approve or censor the content of this blog.

Feel free to follow me on twitter @tonywilburn.  You can also email me tonywilburn.dc@gmail.com

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